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Friday, 28 June 2013

The dress is a soft-petal pink colour, which I bought for a garden party I was going to with Piers. It has a full skirt topped with an oversize bow at the waist. I’ve pulled my hair back into a sleek ponytail, and aimed for smouldering smoky eye but I still somehow look… too girly.
I screw up my face.
I’m not sure that’s the look I’m aiming for.
And the silver strappy sandals aren’t helping! I look like I’m dressed for bridesmaid’s duties than rocking up to a cool party on a boat.
Paige walks over with a two glasses of champagne. She’s wearing her sparkly white dress and a faux-fur wrap. She looks super glamorous.
‘What’s wrong with you sugar plum fairy?’
‘Fuck! That’s it, I’m going to change.’
Paige laughs. ‘Why? You look pretty.’
‘I look like a ten year old going to a birthday party!’
Paige laughs again. ‘Here,’ she gives me a black leather studded bracelet and her studded clutch. ‘And wear your black boots.’
I sit down on the bed and unstrap my sandals and pull on my boots.
‘You seem a bit moody around Craig today.’
Paige hands me a glass of champagne. ‘Poppy the man is an infuriating mess to work with he has the attention span of a sugar high infant that’s just been shown a bouncy castle, usually his attentions are diverted by umm… they come in the form of mammary bouncers fake or real he doesn’t care!’
‘Tetchy about him aren’t we?’ I say walking over to the mirror so she can’t see the satisfaction that’s sweeping my face.
Ah yes. That’s more like it, playful, girly but edgy. Just goes to show the right accessories does make a difference!
‘Shut up Poppy and drink up. We have to go in a minute.’
Hmm… That revealed more than she’s willing to admit.
‘Chin chin,’ I grin.
Paige smiles back. ‘Bottoms up.’
‘Hopefully not tonight deary!’
‘Well you managed to keep your knickers on last night!’ she fires back.
That is low. Real low.

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