FRIDAY SNIPPET - Let's Get This Party Started

Friday, 4 January 2013

And for the first Friday of 2013 an extract from the new book.

The party is well under way when Paige and I get there at around nine pm. We’re at a large house in Crouch End owned by the Line Producer of the film. I’m not exactly sure what the party is for.
“A cast & crew we got nominated for Cannes disbelief party,” Paige said. There’s about forty or fifty people drinking, dancing, laughing and shouting over each other. The mood is high-spirited and seemingly drunken already. The music is progressively loud, pumping out dance anthem after dance anthem, all the classics. Everyone is dressed up in glitzy party outfits and some are dressed as chickens.  I have no idea why? I will ask Paige later.  Nope… no time like the present,  I will struggle to remember anything later by the looks of things.
‘Why are there people dressed as chickens?’
‘Because… the chicken and the Egg theory!’ 
I look at her blankly.
‘We thought we would never get enough eggs to get this show on the road and without eggs you can’t make an omelette!’ Paige says grinning from ear to ear.

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