Some Dreams come True Slowly but Surely

Sunday, 13 May 2012

I know I haven't posted for a while but in my defence I have been preoccupied with starting my third book. Oh yes there's another rom-com coming this year and it's purely down to the support you all have given me since August 2011.

I'm delighted to say after the obligatory support of friends and family (huge thanks to all, you know who you are) my books have taken off.  It's been a slow build but a beautifully consistent one at that, encouraging me to just get on and write.  Now there's all of you thinking I didn't know squat about building! Ok here come the clich├ęs, Rome wasn't built in one day, heck I can't even get a plumber in the same day. Everything comes to those who wait? I did wait a whole day only to be told he doesn't work after 3.30pm.

So I would like to send all of my new readers my deepest thanks, humongous hugs, kaleidoscoping kisses, great goose eggs full of gratitude and acres of atomic appreciation, without you I wouldn't be selling 4 books a day!  It's not thousands (but I'm chuffed) I'm not hitting the top selling charts but you're all helping my ranking enormously and you have made my life a better place to be in.  So whoever you all are, I salute you and worship the time you have given to me and my funny little books. Boy you're flipping fantastic each and everyone of you.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Too many of those I know but quite honestly I wouldn't have enough room on the blog for all the ones I want to send your way XXXXXXX

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